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At What Age Should The Judge Take Away Your Civil Rights 70,75,80

At what age shall I take your Civil Rights away? 70, 75, How about 80?

If it were up to the Judge's, Attorney's and Guardian's here in Miami Dade County, Florida they will strip you of all of your Civil Rights and put you in a Plenary Guardianship immediately, so they can fill their pockets with your money.

Ladies and Gentleman, I spend my time trying to inform you of the crimes that are taking place against the elderly here in Miami Dade County and South Florida. I am providing you with information, so you do not become a victim of Elderly Abuse and Exploitation. The Predators that prey on the elderly are your Probate Judge's, they are the ones that will violate your Constitutional Rights of Due Process and force you into a guardianship against your will. It will happen so fast, that you will not have the proper time to react. Before you know it, you will be able to look back and see that not only was the Judge making fraudulent decisions to ensure the professional guardian gets the case, instead of a family member, but you will be rest assured that your Constitutional Rights will be violated and you must act with days, even before you go to court. For example those three people that go to your house to see whether your are competent or capacitated, you will be ruled incapacitated, everyone is, especially those with money. How can you prevent this, don't open the door. Talk to your personal doctor, have people in the room with you at all times if they do get into your home. Don't ever let them do this without you having your own tape recorder. Have your own doctors not only write a letter that you are competent but he must also come to court. Whe you go into the court, take your own attorney that you know well, if you do not know of an attorney then don't hire one, most of these attorney's are dirty and have been corrupted, so your own attorney will sell you out. Even if you have to get an attorney from out of State get, this will be your most important step, when you hire an attorney. (most attorney's here in Miami will sell you out).

Judge Norman Gerstein Allows Elderly People to be Abused and Exploited in his Courtroom

Baby Boomers watch out, the legal system of Judge's Attorney's and Guardian's want your money and they will do whatever they can to get your money. The Courtroom is nothing less than a Mockery of Justice, so prepare now so you do not become a victim. * Judge Norman Gerstein took over a fraudulent guardianship case and continued to allow the elderly person to lose all of her assets. While the case was under investigation, Norman Gerstein allows large somes of money to be extorted from the then 74 year old, Yvonne Sarhan, the victim. After the investigators found that Yvonne Sarhan Constitutional Rights were violated and that this case should be dismissed, Norman Gerstein, delayed proper procedure and swept the fraudulent activity under the rug. Gerstein stated, " He would have to check with the Florida Bar to see if this were a confilct of Interest, he never came back with an answer, but dropped out of the case. After a two year investigation we found that Judge Bruce Levy violated Yvonne Sarhan's Constitutional Rights of Due Process by allowing Enrique Zamora to represent Yvonne Sarhan when he was already representing the Emergency Temporary Guardian, Barbra Resier, an adverse party. Even after Yvonne Sarhan was ruled competent by Dr. Mario Sanchez Martinez and Dr. David Racher, Judge Bruce Levey stated, "She is not competent until I say she is competent, her rights are denied." Judge Norman Gerstein takes over the case after Judge Bruce Levy recuses himself and one Judge just supports the others, "The Good Old Boy System." Miami Dade County could be the most corrupt courthouse in the country, but I continue to fight for my mother's freedom and I ask for your help. Please lets call the new Judge Muir 305-349-7105 and tell her to release Yvonne Sarhan, the case is a fraud, Chief Judge Farina 305-349-7054, and Governor Charlie Christ 850-488-5603 and ask Charlie Christ, why don't you stop elderly abuse and exploitation here in the State of Florida.
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Zamora, Hillman & Veres, Attorneys at Law

Zamora, Hillman & Veres, Attorneys at Law are Unethical Attorney's Beware

Enrique Zamora was representing my mother, Yvonne Sarhan and at the sametime was representing his client Barbra Reiser, yes, a conflict of Interest. Enrique Zamora denied representing my mother and the guardian of my mother at the same time committing Fraud on the Court. Enrique Zamora help destroy my mother's life and my life as well. You see my mother Yvonne Sarhan was forced into a guardianship case, ruled incapacitated, and now the guardians,, Barbra Reiser, Vicki Brail and Attorney's Cheryl Silverman, Bonnie Cooper, Enrique Zamora, Charle Veres are stealing all her money and now her home. It is simple, the courtroom is nothing less than a mockery, the Judge's here in the Probate Court here in Miami Florida work along with the guardian's and attorney's to assist in the theft. Where in this country could an attorney represent a Plantiff and a Defendant at the same time, they can't. The same for Zamora could not legally represent my mother because he was already representing Barbra Reiser, hi client. Charles Veres was also representing my mother and throughout the whole year, Enrique Zamora and Charles Veres would not write one legal brief to protect my mother's Civil Rights. Cheryl Silverman was representing my brother who is an adverse party (meaning my mother did not want him to care for her she wanted me) and at the same time was representing Barbra Reiser. So how could this happen in a court of law, the Judge's are involved their is no other answer. Chief Judge Joseph Farina knows this happening, I talked to him and he says, I cannot help you, I am just an administrator. We went to Congressman Mario Diaz Balart he said, I am not a plumber, "I cannot come over and fix your plumbing". Yet when I talked with Lincoln Diaz Balart, he knew exaqctly what was going on in my mother's case and stated, " they rule the eldelry incapacitated, steal all their money, their homes and dump them in nursing homes to die. So if you want to hire Enrique Zamora or Charles Veres, Cheryl Silverman, Bonnie Cooper, Beware they lie in court and they will try to steal every dime you have...

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Citizens' Forum On Judicial Accountability

Some of the world's most prominent government whistleblowers and human rights activists will gather during the week of May 11-18, 2008 in Washington, D. C. to lobby Congress and alert the public to the need to support whistleblower protection. Part of this momentous occasion will be a historical, Citizens' Forum On Judicial Accountability.

The one (1) day event will entail an academic debate on the proper scope of judicial accountability for U. S. state and federal judges; testimony from a pre-selected panel of American citizens, apparently deprived of a fair and impartial forum for addressing their judicial misconduct allegations and/or impacted by a corresponding chilling effect ( learn more ); and the viewing of a videographed call for congressional investigation of plights facing judicial whistleblowers in America by former constitutional law professor and renowned civil rights activist, attorney Thomas N. Todd. All panelists will be guests at a mid-day luncheon.

Judges Not Inmune fromAbuse of Power

The exercise of the enormous power of summary contempt requires strict compliance with statutory safeguards, including giving the accused an appropriate warning and the opportunity to desist from the supposedly contumacious conduct and preparing an order setting forth the basis for the ruling (Jud Law §§750, 755; Doyle v. Aison, 216 AD2d 634 [3d Dept 1995], lv den 87 NY2d 807 [1996]; Loeber v. Teresi, 256 AD2d 747 [3d Dept 1998]). Here, respondent not only wielded the power without reasonable basis, but failed to adhere to mandated procedures. Such conduct constitutes an abuse of the summary contempt power and warrants discipline. Matter of Teresi, 2002 Annual Report 163 (Comm. on Judicial Conduct); Matter of Meacham, 1994 Annual Report 87 (Comm. on Judicial Conduct); Matter of Recant, 2002 Annual Report 139 (Comm. on Judicial Conduct).

As an experienced judge, respondent should be familiar with statutory procedures and should understand that his duty to act in a patient, neutral, judicious manner must always take precedence over impulses arising from personal pique or offense. Here, respondent’s disregard of due process in both matters resulted in a travesty of justice and was inconsistent with the fair and proper administration of justice.

By reason of the foregoing, the Commission determines that the appropriate sanction is censure.

Mr. Goldman, Judge Ciardullo, Mr. Coffey, Ms. DiPirro, Mr. Emery, Mr. Felder, Ms. Hernandez, Judge Peters, Mr. Pope and Judge Ruderman concur as to respondent’s misconduct, except that Mr. Goldman, Judge Ciardullo, Mr. Coffey and Mr. Pope dissent as to Charge I, paragraph 5, alleging that respondent failed to prepare a mandate as required by law, and vote to dismiss the allegation.

Mr. Goldman, Judge Ciardullo, Mr. Coffey, Ms. Hernandez, Judge Peters, Mr. Pope and Judge Ruderman concur as to the sanction and vote that respondent be censured. Ms. DiPirro, Mr. Emery and Mr. Felder dissent as to the sanction and vote that respondent be removed from office.

Tyrants come in more varieties than Baskin-Robbins has flavors. The ultimate protection a free society has against a tyrant, is a judicial system that acts as the last barrier to a tyrant’s will. Therefore, it is immeasurably worse when the tyrant is the judge himself. Our sensibilities are even more offended at a time when our treasure and youth have been spent to remove a far-away tyrant on the simple premise that in the modern world, the velocity of events is such that evil in one place eventually becomes evil touching everyplace. Just as there is no small death, there is no small tyranny.

Respondent acted in tyrannical fashion. His will was the law, and to the degree that his law conflicted with the actual one, he was above the law.

I strongly believe that respondent is not fit to remain a judge. Arrogance and narcissism are not uncommon human qualities, but this judge’s sense of self is so inflated that he chose to fuel his ego by burning the fundamental rights of citizens in his courtroom. I can think of no greater transgression by a jurist entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring that justice is dispensed with basic fairness. Respondent is not just an embarrassment to his fellow jurists. He is dangerous, and he should be removed.

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The Predators that Prey on the Elderly are Attorney's, Enrique Zamora, Charles Veres, Cheryl Silverman, David Mangeiro, Bonnie Cooper, Brian Silverio, Harvey Rogers; Guardians Barbra Reiser and Gay Activist Vicki Brail; Judge's are Bruce Levy, Norman Gerstein, Maria Korvick, Arthur Rothenberg, Herbert Stetin, Philip Cook. Doctors: Dr. Mario Sanchez Martinez. These are officers of the court that have violated my mother's civil rights to steal our family's assets of approximately one and a half million dollars. Now if you multiply this times 50 victims per year, this is big money, and is their motive Kathleen Rundle and Mr. Centerino from the State Attoney's Office. Even the Chief Judge Joseph Farina know these crimes are occurring and does nothing.

The Predators that Prey on the Elderly are the same people that are supposed to protect them. The Judge's, Attorney's and Guardian's are all working together to Rule Elderly People Incompetent, To Steal Their Money. None of these crimes against the Elderly could take place without the Judge's Participation. The Judge's are Violating their Oath of Office, Violating the Elderly People's Civil Rights to live in Peace in Freedom. The Judge's have blatantly cross the line and would be charged with Racketeering, if the State Attorney, Kathleen Rundle would Just do her Job. I am not speaking for myself only, their are many victims here in Miami-Dade Probate Court. We have many victims daily comming forward, we want Elderly Abuse and Exploitation to stop, we want the Gaurdianship Program in the State of Florida Abolished. This Program is so Infiltrated with crime by the top members, Enrique Zamora, Barbra Reiser and Vicki Brail just to say a few names, this website is intended to Stop Crimes Against the Elderly People of Florida and around the Country, including My Mother Yvonne Sarhan.

My name is Robert Sarhan, MD, My mother has been held in a forced guardianship case for the past five years. I must first say that my mother, Yvonne Sarhan was fully competent, however, anyone with money will be ruled incompetent. All the people that I mention in this document are involved in a criminal conspiracy to rule Elderly People Incompetent to Steal their Money.

Many people that read this document and see the names of these people may be shocked, these people have infiltrated themselves in the community well. Many of these people are lawyers and judge's, however let me please remind you that "No one is above the law." I am writing this story, so I can possible prevent others lives from being destroyed and becoming victims of Guardianship Abuse and Guardianship Fraud. I am in the middle writing about our case the guardianship of Yvonne Sarhan(below) but I think it would be more important if I let you know who these Predators are, so you can better protect yourself.

This is how the Guardianship scam works. First, their is absolutely nothing legal about guardianships here in South Florida and Miami Dade County. Just because a Judge from the Probate Division signs an order, it does not make it legal. The fact is that Judge Bruce Levy, Judge Norman Gerstein, Judge Arthur Rothenberg all removed themselves from case for good reason, to protect themselves. The fact is My mother, Yvonne Sarhan case is so corrupt that it is not possible for the Judge's to be innocent or was just rubber stamping, no way. These Judge's and Judge Maria Korvick have involved themselves, with the Attorneys and Guardians in a devious scheme to rob the elderly out of their life savings their homes and their lives. Quite simple, the Judge's do not follow the law, they believe this is their courtroom and they can do whatever they wish. The Florida Statutes are not being followed and as you will soon see that this Corruption, Elderly Abuse and Exploitation, Guardianship Fraud, Guardianship Abuse could not be accomplished without the Judge's Participation. (Note: Judge Muir is fairly new to the Probate Court, I have absolutely no evidence that she is Corrupt, so please lets not condemn all Judges, because we all know their are good and bad in every profession.)

For whatever reason, usually an unsuccessful family member brings this case into the court. Usually this person is upset because the parent chose another family member to care for them and their property and all they want is the money. This is not about family problems or sibling rivalry, absolutely not. This is the Guardians excuse but far from the truth and far from legal.

This about Judge's, Attorneys and Guardian's ruling Elderly people incompetent, even though they are fully competent, to steal their money.

I have followed numerous cases over the past five years and all these cases have the same motive, the same attorneys, the same guardians, the same judge's, only the names of the victims are changed. These Predators do not only Prey of The Elderly, they prey on the family members fighting for the freedom of their mothers. These are ruthless people with no heart, no soul, no conscious, no morals, no ethics, and these people have kidnapped my mother for the past 5 years and stole approximately 700,000 dollars from myself and my mother.

My mother Yvonne Sarhan stood up in Court stating, " Your Honor if I have to have a guardian I want my son Robert, he is a medical doctor and he is a very loving and caring child." Judge Bruce Levy asked, why don't you want your son Tony, my mother stated, "My son Tony has a lot of problems." First of all, does this answer sound like my mother was incompetent, absolutely not, she was fully competent and I was never going to be my mother's guardians because, Barbra Reiser, my mothers Emergency Temporary Guardian was going to ensure that we will be railroaded into such a corrupt racketeering ring that because of the Judge's participation, even if we are legally right, the judge still rules against you. Soon you will see.

I hired Harvey Rogers to represent me, because Barbra Reiser stated I had to have an attorney to be my mothers guardian. Well, everyone where I worked thought, your a medical doctor working for the Federal Government, how could you lose, Watch.

On August 5, 2003, My attorney Harvey Rogers lied to me and my wife and stated congratulations you are now the guardian of your mother, but Judge Bruce Levy ordered you to put the house into your mothers name. He got angry when we questioned him and we signed under duress and coercion. To this day I am still fighting Harvey Rogers and it is amazing we had proof that this lawyer lied on the day of the May 16, 2007 hearing and the Judge's rule in his favor anyhow, so the corruption is not only about the Probate Judge's but extends to other Judge's, Judge Teretha Thomas and Judge Kravitz who ordered me to pay this attorney when she held documents in her hand which shows Harvey Rogers committed Extrinsic Fraud.

Barbra Reiser's Attorney David Mangeiro is important to take note, because David Mangeiro is involved with Zamora, Reiser, Gay Activist Brail, Cooper, Veres, Rogers and more will will come. You see I mentioned David Mangeiro because he talked with Harvey Rogers to get Rogers to lie to me to get me to sign the home that my mother gave me into her name so they can steal the home, which they are doing now. It was all a set up and all fraud and I hope with my partners and attorneys working together we will end guardianship fraud together.

So they lied to me, they got the house all the money and I continue to fight for my mother in the guardianship court and Federal Court. October 28, 2003 Barbar Resier writes a report which looks like a 5th grader wrote, and states so many contradictions and Judge Bruce Levy stated this is the best report I have ever read, which I do not believe he read at all. However, the report was written to back up the Judge to give guardianship to local Gay Activist Vicki Brail. remember, the Judge's Attorneys and Guardians all working together as a team to rob the elderly, I believe this is what the government calls Racketeering, however, we can't get Kathline Rundle to stop the crime, she looks the other way, she knows these crimes against the elderly are being committed but she is protecting her friends, see Florida Statute 825.103. To do what these Predators are doing to my mother is a crime 825.103 so why doesn't the State Attorney Prosecute?

Let me tell you all the conflicts, Barbra Reiser was my mothers temporary Guardian,
Enrique Zamora was my mother's attorney
Enrique Zamora was Barbra Reisers attorney also, at the same
time in the case of Laurie Savage
David Mangeiro represented Barbra Reiser
Vicki Brail is my mothers permanent Guardian
Bonnie Cooper is Vicki Brails attorney
Cheryl Silverman represents Tony Sarhan, Yvonne's and
Roberts adverse party
Cheryl Silverman represents Barbra Reiser also during the
sametime period as she represents Tony Sarhan our
adverse party
Cheryl Silverman represents Vicki Brail and Tony Sarhan at the
Barbra Reiser uses Enrique Zamora as a personal reference on
her application for guardianship of my mother
Vicki Brail uses Cheryl Silverman and Enrique Zamora as
personal reference on her application for Guardianship of my mother

There is more, However if you see these attorneys and guardians in your cases, the case is most likely fraudulent, because these attorneys and guardians, are working in numerous cases together, this is why we call this Racketeering and if the State Attorney would do her job, she would charge them with Title 18, 1962 & 1964 Racketeering. However, since these are attorneys and guardians, they are being protected. Numerous victims have gone to Kathleen Rundle and the Corruptions Department Mr Centerino and they refuse to prosecute these criminals. However, Kathleen Rundle goes after inspectors taking a bribe, but not after Judges Attorneys and Guardians robbing the elderly, amazing. If you go into the Probate Court here in Miami, the Judge's, Attorney"s and Guardian's are so Blatant about these crimes, they don't try to hide it, because they know Katleen Rundle looks the other way, while the families suffer.

So how was I going to win if my mother's attorney Zamora was representing the guardian and my mother. Zamora did not write one motion in support of my mothers wishes. Zamora was brought into the case to ensure my mother did not have legal representation. Zamora did not file an objection to Barbra Reiser's fraudulent report, because he would be fighting his own client. The Florida Bar, Arlene Sankel states, Zamora did nothing wrong, we are all not as stupid as you think Ms Sankle. My own attorney Harvey Rogers joined the other side, sold out his client and did not file an objection to Reiser Fraudulent report either.

On December 2, 2003, my own attorney Harvey Rogers fails to show up to the hearing for permanent guardian appointment. Later Rogers stated he did not show up because I told him not too. If this were true, why did Harvey Rogers send me two letters before the hearing and after the hearing stating, how would you like to proceed. Local Gay Activist Vicki Brail was named permanent Guardian.

I started reading the law books at the University of Miami, my only mistake, I should have read them 3 months before this case ever started.

I filed a suggestion of Capacity on February 5, 2004 and on March 10, 2004, I took my mother to the Court Appointed Psychiatrist and Dr. Mario Sanchez Martinez at the University of Miami ruled my mother competent. Nine days later, I took my mother to DR. David Racher a Board Certified Neurologist at Baptist Hospital and this doctor ruled my mother competent with good judgment and Insight at this time. We then went back to court and I requested my mothers rights restored and I ask Judge Bruce Levy, can you please give my mothers rights back, both doctors ruled my mother competent? Judge Bruce Levy stated, "she is not competent until I say she is competent, denied." Judge Bruce Levy Recuses himself 2 weeks later.

Can you believe the criminal behavior that takes place in the court, please read on, now we are going to see who joins the group of Corrupt Judge's Corrupt Attorneys, Corrupt Guardians and now Corrupt Doctors, yes I am sorry to say.

On August 3, 2004, their was an evidentiary hearing, it was nothing less than a mockery and the Judge Shapiro who passed away that year was definitely involved in this corruption. The judge allowed my mother to be shoved in a corner and then Bonnie Cooper put her chair in front of my mother, I could not believe this was happening it was a joke and a miscarriage of Justice. The abuse that they put my mother through was something that I have to bear the pain for the rest of my life. Dr Mario Sanchez Martinez calls in on the phone for the hearing, Dr. Martinez stated that Yvonne is incompetent, what? He ruled my mother competent in March 2004 what happened? I crossed examine the doctor when it was my turn and I had brought the Neurologist in to the hearing to testify in my mothers behalf.

I asked Dr. Martinez, when is the first time you seen my mother, he said October 2003. At that time I knew Dr. Martinez was lying so I continued, and I asked was she competent and he said yes. However, the first time he seen my mother was March 10, 2004. So I asked, when is the next time you seen my mother, he said June 2004. I asked so your absolutely sure you seen her in October of 2003, he sadi yes. So then you seen her again in june of 2004 and you ruled her incompetent, yes he said. I asked him, Dr. Martinez, why are you lying, you never seen my mother in October 2003, the first time you seen her was on March 10 2004 so for what other reason for fowl play would you see my mother 2 months later. So you see, the guardians or attorneys paid or told Dr. Martinez you have to change your report to incompetent, although I have never seen the new report. So my mother was ruled competent on March 10 2004 and Dr. Martinez stated October so he could show a longer time span for my mother to lose her competency, so the guardians and attorneys can steal her money. Dr. Mario Sanchez Martinez ruled my mother competent on March 10, 2004 and the guardains made him change the report, however I have never seen the report, but I have the old one he signed stated she was competent. So you see the web gets bigger and now you have the original doctors that go out to the house that falsify reports and now a Board Certified Psychiatrist at the University of Miami falsifies his testimony. It really diod not matter that I brought this neurologist, as long as the Judges Are corrupt, you will never win even if you are legally right. Cooper wrote an order for me and my son who was just born weere no longer aloud to see my mother, my mother was thereby deprived of her right to see her own grandson for 15 months.

Judge Norman Gerstein takes over the case. In April of 2005, after a careful invesigation in other guardianship cases, with other victims, we found all the conflicts of interest in the above. So I filed a motion to remove guardians on grounds of Conflicts of Interest. I thought Jackpot. How could anyone lose this, watch. Judge Norman Gerstein refused to hear my motion, I filed on June 8, 2005 he refued to hear muy motion and wanted my mother reevaluated by a doctor, why? Their was no reason, we stated that my mother did not have the right of due process becasue Zamora was representing my mother and the guardian of my mother at the same time. We had to wait till January 9, 2006 7 months later.

On January 9, 2006, Judge Norman Gerstein tried to shut me up and I stated on record, that Enrique Zamora was representing my mother and the guardian of my mother at the same time. My mother did nit have the right of due process and my mother is entitled to get her rights back. Juidge Norman Gerstein stated, "well Dr. Sarhan, I will have to check with the Florida Bar to see if this is a conflict of Interest and he ended the hearing. Three months later, we had another hearing and Judge Norman Gerstein stated to my attorney Howard Scott, I ruled against your client, why didn't you sign the order, Howard Scott stated, "you were going to check with the Florida Bar to see if this was a conflict of Interest, he said but I ruled against your client.
I will check with the Bar Counsel, I tried to speak and he stated, I already ruled. If Judge Norman Gerstein has to check with the Florida Bar, to see if Zamora who was representing my mother and the guardian of my mother at the sametime, then he should get a job at publics because when I told the young lady cashier she stated that is a conflict of interest. Remember, Cheryl Siolverman was representing my mothers guardian Barbra Reiser and Vicki Brail at the same time she was representing our adverse party. Two weeks later Norman Gerstein recuses himself off my case.

Guardians are supposed to be a neutral party, in this case guardians were not neutral because they both used Cheryl Silverman as an attorney as my brother who brought this case into the court, another conflcit, to many conflcits and the same in many of these cases.

Note: Zamora, Reiser, Brail,, Silverman, Mangeiro, Cooper, Vers and may others new about these conflicts and as officers of the court had to come forward with these conflcits and failed to do so, to continue to defraud my mother and myself out of one and a half million dollars.

Judge Arthur Rothenberg, refuses to hear our motions. We file an appeal. However, they file an exparte order and state I am not an interested party, which is illegal but Judge Rothenberg signs anything the guardians put s in front of him. From here on out I stayed out of court because the Judge states I am noit an interested party, howevre the Florida Suprmem Court states different. Like I said these Judge's are corrupt and belong in prison but the state attorneyis protecting them, this is why they continue to rob the elderly and destroy so many lives.

In short, we have a new judge, I will pray she will be strong enough for her to give my mother back to me before they try to kill her. They put my mother on Seroquel used for Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorders, It states on the insert, it shoudl not be used by the elderly and can cause sudden death. My mother does not have Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder. If they kill my mother I don't know what I will do. These Officers of the Court have destroyed so many lives. The Judges abuse theri power yet, the State Attorney looks the other way. Miami Dade Police Corruption states, " we know their is a problem, but what can we do if the State Attorney refuses to Prosectute this Judge's attorneys and Guardians. The Governor of the State of Florida Charlie Christ, Congressman Lincoln Diaz Balart, Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, Department of Elder Affairs and Kathleen Rundles office know these crimes are taking place and allow the crimes to continue, their is no Justice here in Miami dadae County. If the State Attporney won't prosecute than the Judges have nothing to fear. Our Go=vernor, Our attorney General knows these crimes are taking place against these vulnerable elderly people and they look the other way, so what do we do? Please write the Governor of the State of Florida, write Kathleen Rundkle and your State Senators and tell them we want the Judge's Attorneys and Guardians put in Jail , the guardianship business closed down permanentlyand the crimes against the elderly stopped. We want our elderly people to live their life in peace without the threat of Predators like these Predators you have read in my story, Thank You for Reading

There are many cases here in Miami, where good caring daughter and sons are being denied to care for their mother until the Judges, Attorneys and Guardians steal all their money, then they give back the mother, who traumatized and abused, all for the love of MONEY.

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Dr. Robert Sarhan Gets His Day In Court

- Miami, Florida USA.

Well, did Dr. Robert Sarhan get his day in Court on April 17,2004? -

{"Dr. Robert Sarhan was very well prepared for this hearing and we will make his briefs available for your viewing as soon as they become available to us."}

Dr. Sarhan was thrown a "vicious curve-ball" right off the bat, as Dr. Sarhan was told that the Appellate Court was subject to Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure specifically (3) Motions relating to oral argument, rule 9.320.

RULE 9.320. ORAL ARGUMENT - Oral argument may be permitted in any proceeding. A request for oral argument shall be a separate document served by a party not later than the time the last brief of that party is due.

[Each side will be allowed 20 minutes for oral argument, except in capital cases in which each side will be allowed 30 minutes.] On its own motion or that of a party, the court may require, limit, expand, or dispense with oral argument.

Dr. Sarhan was under the impression that he had 20 minutes as stated in the rules 9.320,
but Dr. Sarhan soon found that the judge only allowed him 10 minutes.

He said that he had prepared for the twenty minutes allotted to present his oral argument, and the Honorable Judges (3) said; "Not in this court", "Maybe in the 3rd District Court of Appeals, but not here"! and then proceeded to walk out on Dr. Sarhan while he was still making his argument.

Dr. Sarhan was surrounded by other elders who felt that they have been victimized by the system as well, and several senior members of E.A. were also present to show him support.

Dr. Sarhan was objecting to a $15,000 legal bill on behalf of his attorney Harvey Rogers. The bill started out at 1500 and grew to 15,000 which is under dispute. Does this mean if an attorney lies to his client, destroys his case on purpose, committing Extrinsic Fraud, sold his client out to the opposing party, never shows up to court, and I still have to pay his fees.

Attorney Harvey D. Rogers seemed very upset at being brought up on this matter, and was shocked to see so many supporters present for Dr. Sarhan's hearing.

So much so, that as we were all walking toward the elevator, Harvey D. Rogers started yelling at the ladies that came to show their support for Dr. Sarhan, and to support their own cause to end Elder Financial Abuse and Exploitation.

Harvey D. Rogers started calling these elderly ladies names, he used the word "trash" on more than several occasions, and also continued saying "What a Bunch of Jerks."

One of the elderly ladies present took offense to the rude comments and said;

- Miami, Florida USA.

Well, did Dr. Robert Sarhan get his day in Court on April 17,2004? -

{"Dr. Robert Sarhan was very well prepared for this hearing and we will make his briefs available for your viewing as soon as they become available to us."}

Dr. Sarhan was thrown a "vicious curve-ball" right off the bat, as Dr. Sarhan was told that the Appellate Court was subject to Florida Rules of Appellate Procedure specifically (3) Motions relating to oral argument, rule 9.320.

RULE 9.320. ORAL ARGUMENT - Oral argument may be permitted in any proceeding. A request for oral argument shall be a separate document served by a party not later than the time the last brief of that party is due.

[Each side will be allowed 20 minutes for oral argument, except in capital cases in which each side will be allowed 30 minutes.] On its own motion or that of a party, the court may require, limit, expand, or dispense with oral argument.

Dr. Sarhan was under the impression that he had 20 minutes as stated in the rules 9.320,
but Dr. Sarhan soon found that the judge only allowed him 10 minutes.

He said that he had prepared for the twenty minutes allotted to present his oral argument, and the Honorable Judges (3) said; "Not in this court", "Maybe in the 3rd District Court of Appeals, but not here"! and then proceeded to walk out on Dr. Sarhan while he was still making his argument.

Dr. Sarhan and several families from different organizations such as The National Association to Stop Guardian Abuse (NASGA) and other independent observers.
In Dr's Sarhan own words, a description of what took place;
"He stated, "congratulations you are now the guardian of your mother but Judge Bruce Levy ordered you to sign this quit claim deed, deeding my home that my mother gave me into the guardianship of my mother. In October we found out that Rogers lied, we never won the Guardianship case of my mother and the Judge never ordered us to sign a quit claim deed."

"Rogers never objected to the fraudulent report that Barbra Reiser wrote and he never showed up to court of December 2, 2003 for whom would be the permanent guardian of my mother, for reasons of why I hired him. "
It is amazing to me, if I were to lie in court as much as Harvey Rogers, I would be held in contempt and jailed for 6 months at minimum. However, Rogers lies to his client, lies to the Judges and the Florida Bar does absolutely nothing, but protect the attorneys who lie and destroy their clients cases.

Here on May 16, 2007, Harvey Rogers stated that he did not receive my motion until yesterday by express mail, which would of been May 15, 2007. However, Harvey Rogers lied to Judge Thomas, at that very moment I had the United States Post Office tracking report stating that he recieved my motion on May 14, 2007 at 3:25 p.m.. He lied so that the Judge would throw out my motion for not being timely, and she did refuse to hear my motion. However, the tracking report showed that Rogers lied committing Fraud on the Court.
The whole idea is, this lawyers lies constantly in the courtroom and the Judges treats him like his buddy. It seems that the legal system, is not really a legal system at all. You have elderly people being ruled incompetent when they are fully competent, so these attorneys and guardians can steal there money.

I have always said, that the Judge's Attorneys and Guardians are ruling the elderly people incompetent to steal there money, when these vulnerable citizen are very competent. It is a dirty crime by dirty people plagueing this country and I intend to stop this crime. First I will start with my mother and then with every mother in this country.

Please join me and stop elderly abuse and exploitation.

by Dr. R .Sarhan

Attorney Harvey D. Rogers seemed very upset at being brought up on this matter, and was shocked to see so many supporters present for Dr. Sarhan's hearing.

So much so, that as we were all walking toward the elevator, Harvey D. Rogers started yelling at the ladies that came to show their support for Dr. Sarhan, and to support their own cause to end Elder Financial Abuse and Exploitation.

Harvey D. Rogers started calling these elderly ladies names, he used the word "trash" on more than several occasions, and also continued saying "What a Bunch of Jerks."

One of the elderly ladies present took offense to the rude comments and said; "I rather be a jerk than a thief", at which Mr. Harvey D. Rogers seem to be in fear of the lady in the wheel chair, whose voice was the loudest heard and he proceeded to call for police officers to escort him out of the building.

Of course this was a waste of taxpayers money, as the hearing was unfairly shortened on time, and the childish tantrum that Mr. Harvey D. Rogers threw, both actions were not worthy of the decorum of a professional in a Higher Court.

It was clear to all, that the elderly ladies never presented any threats or danger to Mr. Harvey D. Rogers, who was more than provoking and taunting.

Although every single one of these victims has paid ungodly sums of money in legal fees in desperation, thinking that these people (judges) could liberate their parents from the living-hell called "Forced Guardianship," we just may be just that; "Jerks" to believe that the judges would even care.

Do these victims deserve their lives destroyed and their parent's hard earned savings taken away?

Many of them are "barely making ends meet" in taking care of their elder parents, so now when you add to that, the "uncalled for" legal fees, you are commuting a death sentence on the elder and "destroying that elder families," heirs , children and grandchildren, whose lives are often traumatized by the forced and improperly imposed guardianship's.

These ladies are the "S0-Called Jerks" that Attorney Harvey D. Rogers was referring to,..

You can Email Attorney Harvey D. Rogers and let him know how you feel about him calling these sweet ladies "Jerks"- Here:

Please click to enlarge:


By Donie Vanitzian (View author info)

Dogged persistence is the key to filing attorney complaints. Let's face it--attorneys don't want to be scrutinized! Not by the bar. Not by the public. Not by the courts. Not by the media. Not by their clients. Not by opposing counsel.

There is an element of performing an important public service when filing complaints against attorneys that have "acted improperly" (the Bar's words, not mine). Because, in my opinion, the State Bar has failed miserably in policing its own, the public must take pains to make their sentiments known, not once, but over and over and over again without fail.

One way to accomplish that is to file complaints with the State Bar against errant attorneys--and keep filing them.YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HIRE THE ATTORNEY IN ORDER TO FILE A COMPLAINT AGAINST HIM OR HER

This means, if you believe that the association's attorney or the management company's attorney for that matter, has violated rules of professional responsibility, or some other statute, or has been unethical, you CAN file a complaint against that ass attorney or management company attorney with the State Bar.

From the consumer's point of view, the worst that can happen is that the Bar informs you there is no case. But they will READ your complaint and consider it without charging you a fee. This appears to be one time where your tax dollars are at work, take advantage of it.Remember, if the complaint has no merit, the Bar will write you back and tell you.

REGISTERING A COMPLAINT Do not be intimidated. Do not back down. Just do it.Obtain a complaint form from the Bar's website:in California In Florida Click Here=>>

ARE YOU THE ATTORNEY'S NEW BEST FRIEND?.For every complaint against an attorney that does NOT get filed, you become that attorney's new best friend.

Basically, reasons for not filing complaints against ass attorneys typically amount to a combination of fear and laziness on behalf of the owner. Understandably exhausted from the ordeal leading up to even "considering" the filing of a complaint in the first place, one's hands go up in the air, the file goes in a bottom drawer or in the trash, and such lawyers make a slick getaway.

Waiting to file a complaint at the Bar does not make the situation better. Waiting to file is not the same as waiting for a fine wine to age."Waiting" MAY prejudice you or if there is a statute of limitations, it may run out.

Though not referred to in these terms at the Bar, an unspoken inference might be, you waited so long YOU LOOK GUILTY. "What took you so long to complain?" "Why did you stay with your attorney if you were not happy?" "Why didn't you make your displeasure known to your attorney early on?" "Did you ask your attorney for a refund?" "Why didn't you fire him?"

A QUICK WORD ABOUT THE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION"Defending Liberty - Pursuing Justice" is the motto of the American Bar Association. Owners are not limited to filing a complaint only at the State Bar, you can also file a complaint with the American Bar Association (ABA) (

Friday, April 18, 2008

Judicial/Attorney Misconduct*

Following are some of the attorneys, law firms, or judges who have been reported to have been disciplined by the State of Florida for unethical conduct, may reside in the State of Florida but was disciplined in another jurisdiction, indicted, sued for malpractice, arrested, incarcerated, whom we understand have been charged with unethical and/or criminal conduct, have violated the Supreme Law of the Land, have engaged in conduct which tends to defeat the administration of justice, or to bring the courts and the legal business into disrepute, etc.

Here =>>

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Congressman Mario Diaz Balart - Helpless to Assist Abused South Florida Elders?

Congressman Mario Diaz Balart said that Elder Abuse is a "State Matter" but that he was unable to sponsor or write any bills condemning the on-going epidemic of elder abuse that is affecting so many elders in South Florida and in other communities in the Nation.

Elder Financial Abuse is a plight that is spreading throughout all of Florida's communities with an alarming immunity!

Senior members of ElderAbuseHelp.Org accompanied Dr.Robert Sarhan to Congressman Balart's office in Miami, Florida in order to plead for help in his well documented case of elder financial abuse involving his elderly mother.

Dr. Robert Sarhan recently granted ElderAbuseHelp.Org an interview as to the nature and outcome of his meeting with Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, during which the Congressman repeatedly asked Dr. Sarhan; "What do you want me to do ?"

Dr. Sarhan expressively asked the Congressman for E.A. to be present during the meeting and the Congressman denied E.A. access to the meeting and only spoke with Dr. Sarhan.


E.A. - Good evening Dr. Sarhan, and thank you for granting E.A. an interview with you concerning your recent meeting with Congressman Mario Diaz Balart.

Dr. Sarhan - Thank you, and you are quite welcome.

E.A. - First of all, what was the purpose of your interview with Congressman Balart?

Dr. Sarhan - To make him aware of elderly abuse and guardian exploitation in South Florida as well as around the entire State of Florida, and to discuss with him the fraud and abuse that has been taking place in many local guardianship cases in his district and throughout all of Florida.

I wanted to express to the Congressman the urgency to protect these elderly people from abuse and exploitation here in Miami and to show him what is taking place in our local courts.

I then showed him documents that clearly showed a pattern of racketeering schemes which involved local Judges, Attorneys and Guardians that rule elderly people incompetent so as to steal their money.

I was petitioning the Congressman to take action, as special legislation needs to be made to stop elder guardian abuse and exploitation here in the South Florida.

For instance, in my situation, I showed him documents that clearly proved that my mother, Yvonne Sarhan was forced into a guardianship and her civil rights were taken away from her.

I told Congressman Balart that her guardian case needs to end and that my mothers civil rights need to be restored, especially since she was deemed competent by several court appointed professionals and yet she remains in a forced guardianship.

I spent almost an hour explaining the evidence to the Congressman that the Judges, Attorneys and Guardians are all working together to extort millions of dollars from elderly people and I showed the Congressman documentation to back up that up.

E.A. - Dr. Sarhan, how much time did you spend trying to get a meeting with Congressman Balart?

Dr. Sarhan - I have been trying to work with his office for over two and a half to three years to try to get help from his office in order to help my mother get out of her improperly established Guardianship and to restore her civil rights.

When I first contacted him, he only wrote a couple of letters to Katherine Fernandez Rundle, of the State Attorneys office, which in my opinion has clearly accomplished nothing since there has been nothing done about this serious issue as of yet.

E. A. - When you were finally granted a meeting with Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, did you feel that ElderAbuseHelp.Org was instrumental in obtaining your interview with the Congressman?

Dr. Sarhan - Absolutely, I don't believe I was going to be granted a meeting unless E.A. printed the letter requesting this meeting.

E.A. - How were you received at the Congressman's office?

Dr. Sarhan - I was greeted very nicely, they wanted me to sign in and establish that I was in the Congressman's district, and there were two security agents present that checked my brief case and then escorted me to the Congressman's office and then once the meeting was over they both escorted me out of the back door of the Congressman's office.

E.A. - Did you make any specific requests of Congressman Mario Diaz Balart?

Dr. Sarhan - Yes, I requested that several of the senior members of E.A. be allowed in the meeting with me as witnesses and to be there to help clarify the issues of elder abuse and elder financial abuse, however that request was denied by the Congressman.

E.A. - Did the Congressman offer you a reason for denying the attendance of the members of ELDERABUSEHELP.ORG?

Dr. Sarhan - The Congressman stated that he had 800,000 people in his district and that he could only meet with people that were part of his district.
I explained to the Congressman that they were not here to speak unless he wanted clarification on the issue of elder abuse and judicial fraud concerning elder guardianship, and that I wanted them to be a witness to this meeting, but he just said; "No."

E.A. - O.k., so now what steps had you taken before you went to Congressman Mario Diaz Balart for help?

Dr. Sarhan - I had gone to Katherine Fernandez Rundle at the State Attorneys office many times and asked for help, but it seems that Katherine Rundle knows about the elder abuse and exploitation and looks the other way while these crimes are being committed regarding the fraud and the racketeering involving the courts and court appointed guardians.

I and others believe that by her looking the other way and not stopping this elder abuse, that she knows the Judges, and the attorneys, and knows the guardians and just looks the other way while these people destroy lives and rob the elderly and their families of every dime that they have ever earned and all that they have saved.

We also believe she knows exactly what is happening in the probate courts and looks the other way, and so that is the problem. When dealing with Katherine Rundle, you will find that she will only forward documents to the Guardian Association who are complicit in stealing millions of dollars from elderly people.

I believe that the job of the State Attorney is to put criminals away, yet it seems that since there is no measure of accountability for their actions, the Judges, Attorneys and Guardians feel that they are above the law.

The Judicial System is supposed to work on the behalf of protecting our elders, but this is what happens when you have corruption in the system and it is very very difficult to get help when you have corrupt judges.

This is why Attorneys and Guardians are robbing these elders at an alarming rate because they know that there is no one to help us them or the victim's family. There is nobody watching while they are making millions of dollars by placing elders in improper guardianship's contrary to the spirit of Guardianship Laws which were put in place to protect elders and their families under certain circumstances.

E.A. - How did the Congressman react to your concerns regarding this issue of elder abuse by the courts and forced guardianship's and the alleged judicial corruption?

Dr. Sarhan - Well , I first handed him an article by the title; " Stolen Lives" by Ines Carr and then we went on to the medical reports showing that my mother was competent yet she was deemed by the court incompetent. They are ruling elderly people incompetent in order to steal their money, and I showed and read from each document, reports from doctors in which my mother clearly stated that she was happy with the care she was receiving from me, her son, Robert Sarhan and the Doctors were all very impressed by the care that my mother, Yvonne Sarhan received from me.

E.A. - In other words, your mother Yvonne Sarhan had already decided long ago whom she trusted to take care of her in the event that she became incapacitated?

Dr. Sarhan - Yes, absolutely! She had advance directives and a durable power of attorney. These are documents that are prepared specifically to avoid these types of situations where a stranger is appointed by a court and takes over an elders assets and then bills the elderly person down to their last few dollars.

E.A. - Did you leave Congressman Balart with any documents as part of your presentation?

Dr. Sarhan - Yes, I wanted to show the congressman that we had a clear case of elder abuse and exploitation so I left him with documents that clearly showed that the attorney that was representing my mother, was also representing the guardian at the same time. When we asked the lawyer representing my mother if he was also representing the guardian he denied it, therefore, he was misleading and committing fraud on the court.

So it was important to give him those documents to show him that indeed fraud and corruption is taking place and is a widespread problem not only in my mother's case but in many cases locally by the misuse of power in the probate courts.

E.A. - How did the Congressman react to your presentation of the facts?

Dr. Sarhan - Congressman Mario Diaz Balart asked me; "What do you want me do to?"

He told me that he did not have much power to do anything, and that he would write some letters to Katherine Rundle, the State Attorney and suggested that I write a bill to protect the elders and submit it to him for consideration.

E.A. - Once he went over the information with you, did you leave him any hard copy and or muti-media materials?

Dr. Sarhan - I left him with documents of my mothers mental examinations that show her competent and I left him documents that showed him fraud and corruption in regards to my mothers case. I also left him a copy of a video documentaries from various news an TV channels that were documenting cases of guardianship abuse and corruption committed upon the elderly people of our country.

E.A. - As the meeting with Congressman Balart was coming to a close, and after you told him everything that you knew about this problem, how did you feel when the Congressman said that there was nothing that he could do for you?

Dr. Sarhan - I was very disappointed! I felt that the Congressman took the time to review my material and evidence and that he realized that this is a very serious case of elderly exploitation, but he left me feeling as if he wasn't going to help. Don't get me wrong, I was grateful that he granted the meeting, but I felt he would just give a letter to the States Attorney and I would be back at square one again. The Congressman was simply saying that he could do nothing and did not have the power to introduce any special legislation!

He also told me to talk to my State Senator. Well, I had already sent a packet before to the Senator, but they never responded, then when I called my State Senator later, his assistant said he had it on his desk for months but didn't know what t0 do with it!
My zip code is 33170 and he sent me to two Senators that I wrote to but never heard back from either.

E.A. - How did the meeting end?

Dr. Sarhan - I pleaded over and over again to the Congressman, asking if he could write some kind of special legislature such as the "Palm Sunday Compromise" in the Terry Shiver case to get my mother out of this fraudulent guardianship case and back home where she belongs, but he said said he did not have the power to do that.

He said he could not help me, the only thing he could do was write a letter to the State Attorney.

E.A. - Well, thank you Dr. Sarhan.
Now may we contact you in the future for any follow up information regarding this issue?

Dr. Sarhan - Yes, absolutely!

E.A. - Great, that would be greatly appreciated by the members of E.A. and our readers as well!

Dr. Sarhan - Thank you E.A. for all of your help and support and without this organization, I believe I would have never gotten very far and thousands of your readers would never know that they were not alone in elderly abuse and the fraud we all refer to as a National Epidemic concerning the Elderly Citizens of this Great Nation.


Editor's notes:

"We looked up Congressman Mario Diaz Balart's records on his web site and he has already sponsored H.Res. 995 (introduced 2/25/08) Commemorating the 12th anniversary of the 1996 shooting down of 2 unarmed Brothers to the Rescue civilian aircraft, licensed by the United States, by the Cuban regime.

He also has sponsored H.Con.Res. 260 (introduced 11/15/07) Condemning the kidnapping and hostage-taking of 3 United States citizens for over 4 years by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), and demanding their immediate and unconditional release.

Yet, he seems to be unable to intervene in the corrupt practice of declaring elder people incompetent in order to separate them from their families, their wealth, and thus destroying their lives, their families and anyone that stands in the way of this practice."
In Brake v. Murphy, 736 So.2d 745
(Fla. 3d DCA 1999), wherein the Third District, in reversing an order awarding attorney’s fees, states "probate court has become repugnant to a great many citizens."


Recent Comments :

A Congressman and the FBI said they could not do anything about this? I am assuming this means the letters that I am in the process of writing about the corruption here are going to yet again fall on deaf ears?What's the point of the National Association of Elder Law and Attorneys then?

In the United States?

Abuse and Neglect is okay as long as your not drowning your puppydog?I do not have the mindset to comprehend the statements you heard made by the Congressman and the FBI.

I would like to know this Congressman's name and the reasoning behind his comments?

Thank you..


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


The very people that are supposed to protect the Elderly are the very people that are robbing them, destroying there lives and in numerous cases, killing these elderly people, for the "Love Of Money."

My name is Dr. Robert Sarhan, this is a true story about Elderly Abuse and Exploitation of my mother, Yvonne Sarhan. The perpetrators of this heinous crime, the Miami-Dade County Probate Court Judge's, Attorney's and Guardian's. What I am about to say is not only about my case, but is almost identical to every case plagueing this country today, the only differences are, the names of the victims and perpetrators, have been changed.

How Could this Happen in America?

In most families one of the children is usually an under achiever or is unsuccessful and has low self esteem, such as my brother, Tony Sarhan. He was stealling from my father for many years, we owned a gas station here in Miami, Florida, where my brother worked for my father. My father died in a car accident on December 3, 1995, my brother moved in with my mother to save money on an apartment, since he was divorced and living alone. The neighbors and employees at our gas station called me and complained about my brothers behavior, spending my mother's money, never home, the house falling in a state of disrepair and more. I went to my mother's home and I asked my mother, what is going on here, she told me that my brother was taking all her money, I want you to stop him, come here and live with me. I said o.k..

I moved in, told my brother to leave, and asked I asked my mother, where is all your money, she said he took a lot, the rest is in annuities. My mother put her house in my name to protect and ensure she would live their for the rest of her life. However, soon you will see, how my promises to my mother would be broken and how our legal system is not a sytem at all. Many people may not believe what I am about to say, only the people that have been in guardianship cases in this country will believe, however, this is the truth, so help me GOD.

On January 8, 2003, my mother did a quit claim deed her home to me, to protect it and after she is gone I were to do as I please, since my mother was very dissappointed in her son Tony and did not trust him. I was living with my mother and she was all smiles, I am an excellent cook and I make a lot of jokes and my mom laughs at all of them. My mother has a great personality and never says a bad thing to anyone, she is a very good person that does not deserve what these Predators that Prey on the Elderly have done to her.

In June of 2003 my brother filed for my mother to have a guardian, immediately, my brothers attorney Cheryl Silverman froze my mother's assets and soon our horror story Begins. My brother stated, "if I am not going to be in charge of the money, no one will." Barbra Reiser was appointed as an Emergency Temporary Guardian (ETG) and Enrique Zamora was ordered to be my mother's court appointed attorney. I was told by the Guardian, Barbra Reiser that I had to have an attorney to be my mother's guardian, so I hired an attorney named, Harvey Rogers. Soon you will see, that was all a formailty, because I was never going to be my mother's guardian, because Barbra Reiser, Enrique Zamora, Cheryl Silverman and all others wanted my mother's money; and they would do anything illegal and unethical to get that money, and they have, and now they are stealing the home, that I was supposed to protect, I am sorry mom.

I will stop here and tell you what we found out, while this case was in the second year of litigation. Meritza Torrent, Michael Tristani, and myself all victims of Guardianship Fraud went down to the Miami-Dade County Courthouse, Probate Division records department and pulled 13 records that Barbra Reiser (ETG) was involved in. This is what we found:

1. Enrique Zamora was not on the Probate Wheel in violation of Rule 99-12. Which means Judge Bruce Levy violated this Rule 99-12 to bring Enrique Zamora into the case to ensure my mother, Yvonne Sarhan, did not have legal representation, so they could ensure my mother would be ruled incompetent, even though she was very competent as you will soon see.

2. Enrique Zamora was representing my mother, Yvonne Sarhan and at the same time, Enrique Zamora was representing Barbra Reiser (ETG) in another case, the case of Laurie Savage. So Enrique Zamora was representing my mother, Yvonne Sarhan at the same time he was representing, Barbra Reiser, an adverse party of my mother, since my mother wanted me, her son Dr. Robert Sarhan, as her Guardian, if she was ordered to have a guardian.

3. Enrique Zamora denied representing my mother Yvonne Sarhan and Barbra Reiser at the same time. Enrique Zamora lied , we had certified copies from the Court proving he was representing Barbra Reiser at the same time he was representing my mother.

4. Enrique Zamora would not write one motion in support of my mother's wishes, he sat there in the courtroom and watch my mother being attacked and ruled incompetent, when she was fully competent, and he knew this, soon you will see how the Florida bar would protect Zamora.

5. Cheryl Silverman, my brother's attorney, who is an adverse party, because my mother wanted these people out of her life, including my brother; was also representing Barbra Reiser at the same time she was representing my brother in the Estella Torrent Case.

6. Therefore Cheryl Silverman was representing Tony Sarhan and Barbra Reiser the Emergency Temporary Guardian at the same time, when the Emergency Temporary Guardian was supposed to be a neutral party, can you believe this, no, there is more.

7. Vicki Brail the permanent Guardian of my mother, was given the guardianship on December 2, 2003. Cheryl Silverman was also representing Vicki Brail in other on going cases.

8. Barbra Reiser uses Enrique Zamora as a personal reference on her application for guardianship of my mother. Vicki Brail uses Enrique Zamora and Cheryl Silverman as personal reference on her application for guardianship of my mother.

9. All this was a secret and once I found out about all this Collusion and Conspiracy to defraud the elderly, I thought I should win and get my mother out of this nightmare, but you will soon see how corrupt the legal system is and how the Florida Bar protects these Predators.

10. Remember, no one ever came forward and told us about these conflicts, we found out by doing research. Although, I was not supposed find out this information, the Judge's sweep it under the table, and soon you will see how they cover for each other and we fight for my mother's freedom, because kidnapping and Elderly Abuse and Exploitation is a crime and I want my mother back.

We jumped ahead and told you what we found but there is more, so let me take you back to June of 2003.

Become A Guardian Earn Up to $400 per Hour

Become a Guardian, Earn Big Bucks !

Registration for the training is $15. Anyone becoming a guardian or a conservator must take the class within 90 days of their court date, said Mary Ann Holland, the extension educator at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension. The training session educates people on the duties and responsibilities of being a guardian."Guardianship may be needed when an adult is no longer able to manage his or her affairs or becomes incapacitated due to an illness or injury," Holland said. "This may be a temporary appointment, or a guardian may be appointed to make decisions for only certain areas in the ward's life.

"There may be more than one guardian appointed, say one that makes decisions about the Ward's physical needs and a second guardian that has jurisdiction over only the financial area." Guardianship should only be used when necessary because guardians have a lot of legal power, according to the Guardianship Development Team.

Those considering guardianship of another should look at other options before deciding.

Sometimes, adult children may take guardianship of their elderly parents for protection."In some cases, adult children detect that an aging parent is being victimized by someone, or has become the target of a fraud or identity theft," Holland said. "The adult child seeks guardianship to protect their parent's assets." Registrations can be made by calling 267-2205. Deadline is April 4.


The beauty of being a guardian is there is no limit to the number of elderly people you can bill for guardianship duties, guardians have been known to make over $100,000 per client and payment is just about guaranteed by the court.

Another beautiful things about becoming a guardian is the old people are too sick and frail to complaint and even if they did , they have no one to complaint to! It's a recession proof business. Set Your own rates, the sky is the limit , your only limit is your own ability to contrive and connive.

Anyone who is elder and whose abilities are declining are good candidates to a forced guardianship, if they have no family or if they have discord withing the family your chances of success in this business greatly improve.

It is advantageous to have several lookouts for elders with money, Social workers who work hospitals can usually give you a good heads up on which elders are susceptible to this procedure and the best part it is that it's all 100% Legal !

As millions of baby boomers age the demand for Guardians is about to explode, Do not be left out of fantastic opportunity to make millions within a very short period time, buy real estate cheap! Jewelry, Bank Accounts, it's all there for the asking.

Do not let naive family members stand between money that could be yours . Become a guardian Now!

Ps. You might have to spread the wealth around, be prepared to give a 10% gratuity to keep the wheels greased.

Government Agencies Ignore Reports of Fraud by Lawyers and Judges

Washington, District of Columbia - By Sandy Meyer

Corporate, Judicial and Legislative fraud is costing millions of Americans their jobs, homes, earnings, health care, children's education and retirements.

America's government offices direct the defrauded millions to commissions, committees bureaus, and government and corporate funded non-profit agencies (NGOs) they claim are set up to help,homeowners and prosecute fraud.

Congress: Judiciary Committee, Banking Committee, Finance Committee - e.g. Reported widespread Judicial Fraud and Due Process Violations by lawyers and judges and requested they investigate and reverse the fraudulent judgments ---- Wendy Clardy Requests Foreclosure Fraud investigation by Judge David Fais, Citimortgage and Steven L. Sacks

Letter: Due Process Violation Investigation

But do any of these agencies prevent or prosecute home foreclosure fraud by corporations, lawyers and judges?

Who heads these commissions, committees and bureaus and non-profits we the taxpayers give billions of dollars to fund? Who are they really working for? Which corporations did they come from ? Where do they after misusing public offices to provide services to corporate and political interests?

What has happened to the millions of complaints which homeowners have sent to these public officials via voice mails, internet forms and the U. S. Mail?

Who is protecting American's against fraudulent liens, judgments and home foreclosures by lawyers and judges?

Read it All Here=>>

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Interview With Mary Garafalo Blacked Out in California

The first guest, Mary Garofalo, has been working at WNYW-FOX 5 News since 1996. Her tenacious reports with “FOX 5 Investigates” have earned her a reputation as an “electronic pitbull” and one of the toughest reporters in New York City.Her hard-hitting investigations have landed con artists behind bars, uncovered corruption and exposed countless scams. Before FOX 5 News, Mary was seen nationally covering stories for the syndicated show “A Current Affair,” where she worked as a reporter and substitute anchor until the show ended.

Her investigative reports have won her six Emmy awards and dozens of nominations.

The second guest is Marjorie Mikels, a practicing attorney and social justice advocate in San Bernardino County, California. She earned her J.D. from UCLA and has practiced law for twenty five years in the Inland Empire. Her community work has encompassed a wide range of issues from mounting political and legal opposition to the Ward Valley nuclear dump, to challenging illegal tax schemes, land grabs and water heists.

Download and Listen to This Sobering Interview With Marjorie Mikels and listen in to a very serious discussion that WILL forever change the way you think about this practice that is destroying thousands of families.
Download the podcast here give it a few minutes to load at first you will hear about 30 secs of music then stay tuned for this award winning journalist and attorney Mikels excellent investigative work.Exclusive Interview on "One if Land Two if by Sea" Click here=>>

The interview was un explainably knocked off the air and listeners and admirers of Mary's Garafalo excellent investigating reporting were not able to tune in , however action by quick thinking technicians at KSKQ carried the day and the work is once again available in the station's archives here=>>