Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Government Agencies Ignore Reports of Fraud by Lawyers and Judges

Washington, District of Columbia - By Sandy Meyer

Corporate, Judicial and Legislative fraud is costing millions of Americans their jobs, homes, earnings, health care, children's education and retirements.

America's government offices direct the defrauded millions to commissions, committees bureaus, and government and corporate funded non-profit agencies (NGOs) they claim are set up to help,homeowners and prosecute fraud.

Congress: Judiciary Committee, Banking Committee, Finance Committee - e.g. Reported widespread Judicial Fraud and Due Process Violations by lawyers and judges and requested they investigate and reverse the fraudulent judgments ---- Wendy Clardy Requests Foreclosure Fraud investigation by Judge David Fais, Citimortgage and Steven L. Sacks

Letter: Due Process Violation Investigation

But do any of these agencies prevent or prosecute home foreclosure fraud by corporations, lawyers and judges?

Who heads these commissions, committees and bureaus and non-profits we the taxpayers give billions of dollars to fund? Who are they really working for? Which corporations did they come from ? Where do they after misusing public offices to provide services to corporate and political interests?

What has happened to the millions of complaints which homeowners have sent to these public officials via voice mails, internet forms and the U. S. Mail?

Who is protecting American's against fraudulent liens, judgments and home foreclosures by lawyers and judges?

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