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The Predators that Prey on the Elderly are Attorney's, Enrique Zamora, Charles Veres, Cheryl Silverman, David Mangeiro, Bonnie Cooper, Brian Silverio, Harvey Rogers; Guardians Barbra Reiser and Gay Activist Vicki Brail; Judge's are Bruce Levy, Norman Gerstein, Maria Korvick, Arthur Rothenberg, Herbert Stetin, Philip Cook. Doctors: Dr. Mario Sanchez Martinez. These are officers of the court that have violated my mother's civil rights to steal our family's assets of approximately one and a half million dollars. Now if you multiply this times 50 victims per year, this is big money, and is their motive Kathleen Rundle and Mr. Centerino from the State Attoney's Office. Even the Chief Judge Joseph Farina know these crimes are occurring and does nothing.

The Predators that Prey on the Elderly are the same people that are supposed to protect them. The Judge's, Attorney's and Guardian's are all working together to Rule Elderly People Incompetent, To Steal Their Money. None of these crimes against the Elderly could take place without the Judge's Participation. The Judge's are Violating their Oath of Office, Violating the Elderly People's Civil Rights to live in Peace in Freedom. The Judge's have blatantly cross the line and would be charged with Racketeering, if the State Attorney, Kathleen Rundle would Just do her Job. I am not speaking for myself only, their are many victims here in Miami-Dade Probate Court. We have many victims daily comming forward, we want Elderly Abuse and Exploitation to stop, we want the Gaurdianship Program in the State of Florida Abolished. This Program is so Infiltrated with crime by the top members, Enrique Zamora, Barbra Reiser and Vicki Brail just to say a few names, this website is intended to Stop Crimes Against the Elderly People of Florida and around the Country, including My Mother Yvonne Sarhan.

My name is Robert Sarhan, MD, My mother has been held in a forced guardianship case for the past five years. I must first say that my mother, Yvonne Sarhan was fully competent, however, anyone with money will be ruled incompetent. All the people that I mention in this document are involved in a criminal conspiracy to rule Elderly People Incompetent to Steal their Money.

Many people that read this document and see the names of these people may be shocked, these people have infiltrated themselves in the community well. Many of these people are lawyers and judge's, however let me please remind you that "No one is above the law." I am writing this story, so I can possible prevent others lives from being destroyed and becoming victims of Guardianship Abuse and Guardianship Fraud. I am in the middle writing about our case the guardianship of Yvonne Sarhan(below) but I think it would be more important if I let you know who these Predators are, so you can better protect yourself.

This is how the Guardianship scam works. First, their is absolutely nothing legal about guardianships here in South Florida and Miami Dade County. Just because a Judge from the Probate Division signs an order, it does not make it legal. The fact is that Judge Bruce Levy, Judge Norman Gerstein, Judge Arthur Rothenberg all removed themselves from case for good reason, to protect themselves. The fact is My mother, Yvonne Sarhan case is so corrupt that it is not possible for the Judge's to be innocent or was just rubber stamping, no way. These Judge's and Judge Maria Korvick have involved themselves, with the Attorneys and Guardians in a devious scheme to rob the elderly out of their life savings their homes and their lives. Quite simple, the Judge's do not follow the law, they believe this is their courtroom and they can do whatever they wish. The Florida Statutes are not being followed and as you will soon see that this Corruption, Elderly Abuse and Exploitation, Guardianship Fraud, Guardianship Abuse could not be accomplished without the Judge's Participation. (Note: Judge Muir is fairly new to the Probate Court, I have absolutely no evidence that she is Corrupt, so please lets not condemn all Judges, because we all know their are good and bad in every profession.)

For whatever reason, usually an unsuccessful family member brings this case into the court. Usually this person is upset because the parent chose another family member to care for them and their property and all they want is the money. This is not about family problems or sibling rivalry, absolutely not. This is the Guardians excuse but far from the truth and far from legal.

This about Judge's, Attorneys and Guardian's ruling Elderly people incompetent, even though they are fully competent, to steal their money.

I have followed numerous cases over the past five years and all these cases have the same motive, the same attorneys, the same guardians, the same judge's, only the names of the victims are changed. These Predators do not only Prey of The Elderly, they prey on the family members fighting for the freedom of their mothers. These are ruthless people with no heart, no soul, no conscious, no morals, no ethics, and these people have kidnapped my mother for the past 5 years and stole approximately 700,000 dollars from myself and my mother.

My mother Yvonne Sarhan stood up in Court stating, " Your Honor if I have to have a guardian I want my son Robert, he is a medical doctor and he is a very loving and caring child." Judge Bruce Levy asked, why don't you want your son Tony, my mother stated, "My son Tony has a lot of problems." First of all, does this answer sound like my mother was incompetent, absolutely not, she was fully competent and I was never going to be my mother's guardians because, Barbra Reiser, my mothers Emergency Temporary Guardian was going to ensure that we will be railroaded into such a corrupt racketeering ring that because of the Judge's participation, even if we are legally right, the judge still rules against you. Soon you will see.

I hired Harvey Rogers to represent me, because Barbra Reiser stated I had to have an attorney to be my mothers guardian. Well, everyone where I worked thought, your a medical doctor working for the Federal Government, how could you lose, Watch.

On August 5, 2003, My attorney Harvey Rogers lied to me and my wife and stated congratulations you are now the guardian of your mother, but Judge Bruce Levy ordered you to put the house into your mothers name. He got angry when we questioned him and we signed under duress and coercion. To this day I am still fighting Harvey Rogers and it is amazing we had proof that this lawyer lied on the day of the May 16, 2007 hearing and the Judge's rule in his favor anyhow, so the corruption is not only about the Probate Judge's but extends to other Judge's, Judge Teretha Thomas and Judge Kravitz who ordered me to pay this attorney when she held documents in her hand which shows Harvey Rogers committed Extrinsic Fraud.

Barbra Reiser's Attorney David Mangeiro is important to take note, because David Mangeiro is involved with Zamora, Reiser, Gay Activist Brail, Cooper, Veres, Rogers and more will will come. You see I mentioned David Mangeiro because he talked with Harvey Rogers to get Rogers to lie to me to get me to sign the home that my mother gave me into her name so they can steal the home, which they are doing now. It was all a set up and all fraud and I hope with my partners and attorneys working together we will end guardianship fraud together.

So they lied to me, they got the house all the money and I continue to fight for my mother in the guardianship court and Federal Court. October 28, 2003 Barbar Resier writes a report which looks like a 5th grader wrote, and states so many contradictions and Judge Bruce Levy stated this is the best report I have ever read, which I do not believe he read at all. However, the report was written to back up the Judge to give guardianship to local Gay Activist Vicki Brail. remember, the Judge's Attorneys and Guardians all working together as a team to rob the elderly, I believe this is what the government calls Racketeering, however, we can't get Kathline Rundle to stop the crime, she looks the other way, she knows these crimes against the elderly are being committed but she is protecting her friends, see Florida Statute 825.103. To do what these Predators are doing to my mother is a crime 825.103 so why doesn't the State Attorney Prosecute?

Let me tell you all the conflicts, Barbra Reiser was my mothers temporary Guardian,
Enrique Zamora was my mother's attorney
Enrique Zamora was Barbra Reisers attorney also, at the same
time in the case of Laurie Savage
David Mangeiro represented Barbra Reiser
Vicki Brail is my mothers permanent Guardian
Bonnie Cooper is Vicki Brails attorney
Cheryl Silverman represents Tony Sarhan, Yvonne's and
Roberts adverse party
Cheryl Silverman represents Barbra Reiser also during the
sametime period as she represents Tony Sarhan our
adverse party
Cheryl Silverman represents Vicki Brail and Tony Sarhan at the
Barbra Reiser uses Enrique Zamora as a personal reference on
her application for guardianship of my mother
Vicki Brail uses Cheryl Silverman and Enrique Zamora as
personal reference on her application for Guardianship of my mother

There is more, However if you see these attorneys and guardians in your cases, the case is most likely fraudulent, because these attorneys and guardians, are working in numerous cases together, this is why we call this Racketeering and if the State Attorney would do her job, she would charge them with Title 18, 1962 & 1964 Racketeering. However, since these are attorneys and guardians, they are being protected. Numerous victims have gone to Kathleen Rundle and the Corruptions Department Mr Centerino and they refuse to prosecute these criminals. However, Kathleen Rundle goes after inspectors taking a bribe, but not after Judges Attorneys and Guardians robbing the elderly, amazing. If you go into the Probate Court here in Miami, the Judge's, Attorney"s and Guardian's are so Blatant about these crimes, they don't try to hide it, because they know Katleen Rundle looks the other way, while the families suffer.

So how was I going to win if my mother's attorney Zamora was representing the guardian and my mother. Zamora did not write one motion in support of my mothers wishes. Zamora was brought into the case to ensure my mother did not have legal representation. Zamora did not file an objection to Barbra Reiser's fraudulent report, because he would be fighting his own client. The Florida Bar, Arlene Sankel states, Zamora did nothing wrong, we are all not as stupid as you think Ms Sankle. My own attorney Harvey Rogers joined the other side, sold out his client and did not file an objection to Reiser Fraudulent report either.

On December 2, 2003, my own attorney Harvey Rogers fails to show up to the hearing for permanent guardian appointment. Later Rogers stated he did not show up because I told him not too. If this were true, why did Harvey Rogers send me two letters before the hearing and after the hearing stating, how would you like to proceed. Local Gay Activist Vicki Brail was named permanent Guardian.

I started reading the law books at the University of Miami, my only mistake, I should have read them 3 months before this case ever started.

I filed a suggestion of Capacity on February 5, 2004 and on March 10, 2004, I took my mother to the Court Appointed Psychiatrist and Dr. Mario Sanchez Martinez at the University of Miami ruled my mother competent. Nine days later, I took my mother to DR. David Racher a Board Certified Neurologist at Baptist Hospital and this doctor ruled my mother competent with good judgment and Insight at this time. We then went back to court and I requested my mothers rights restored and I ask Judge Bruce Levy, can you please give my mothers rights back, both doctors ruled my mother competent? Judge Bruce Levy stated, "she is not competent until I say she is competent, denied." Judge Bruce Levy Recuses himself 2 weeks later.

Can you believe the criminal behavior that takes place in the court, please read on, now we are going to see who joins the group of Corrupt Judge's Corrupt Attorneys, Corrupt Guardians and now Corrupt Doctors, yes I am sorry to say.

On August 3, 2004, their was an evidentiary hearing, it was nothing less than a mockery and the Judge Shapiro who passed away that year was definitely involved in this corruption. The judge allowed my mother to be shoved in a corner and then Bonnie Cooper put her chair in front of my mother, I could not believe this was happening it was a joke and a miscarriage of Justice. The abuse that they put my mother through was something that I have to bear the pain for the rest of my life. Dr Mario Sanchez Martinez calls in on the phone for the hearing, Dr. Martinez stated that Yvonne is incompetent, what? He ruled my mother competent in March 2004 what happened? I crossed examine the doctor when it was my turn and I had brought the Neurologist in to the hearing to testify in my mothers behalf.

I asked Dr. Martinez, when is the first time you seen my mother, he said October 2003. At that time I knew Dr. Martinez was lying so I continued, and I asked was she competent and he said yes. However, the first time he seen my mother was March 10, 2004. So I asked, when is the next time you seen my mother, he said June 2004. I asked so your absolutely sure you seen her in October of 2003, he sadi yes. So then you seen her again in june of 2004 and you ruled her incompetent, yes he said. I asked him, Dr. Martinez, why are you lying, you never seen my mother in October 2003, the first time you seen her was on March 10 2004 so for what other reason for fowl play would you see my mother 2 months later. So you see, the guardians or attorneys paid or told Dr. Martinez you have to change your report to incompetent, although I have never seen the new report. So my mother was ruled competent on March 10 2004 and Dr. Martinez stated October so he could show a longer time span for my mother to lose her competency, so the guardians and attorneys can steal her money. Dr. Mario Sanchez Martinez ruled my mother competent on March 10, 2004 and the guardains made him change the report, however I have never seen the report, but I have the old one he signed stated she was competent. So you see the web gets bigger and now you have the original doctors that go out to the house that falsify reports and now a Board Certified Psychiatrist at the University of Miami falsifies his testimony. It really diod not matter that I brought this neurologist, as long as the Judges Are corrupt, you will never win even if you are legally right. Cooper wrote an order for me and my son who was just born weere no longer aloud to see my mother, my mother was thereby deprived of her right to see her own grandson for 15 months.

Judge Norman Gerstein takes over the case. In April of 2005, after a careful invesigation in other guardianship cases, with other victims, we found all the conflicts of interest in the above. So I filed a motion to remove guardians on grounds of Conflicts of Interest. I thought Jackpot. How could anyone lose this, watch. Judge Norman Gerstein refused to hear my motion, I filed on June 8, 2005 he refued to hear muy motion and wanted my mother reevaluated by a doctor, why? Their was no reason, we stated that my mother did not have the right of due process becasue Zamora was representing my mother and the guardian of my mother at the same time. We had to wait till January 9, 2006 7 months later.

On January 9, 2006, Judge Norman Gerstein tried to shut me up and I stated on record, that Enrique Zamora was representing my mother and the guardian of my mother at the same time. My mother did nit have the right of due process and my mother is entitled to get her rights back. Juidge Norman Gerstein stated, "well Dr. Sarhan, I will have to check with the Florida Bar to see if this is a conflict of Interest and he ended the hearing. Three months later, we had another hearing and Judge Norman Gerstein stated to my attorney Howard Scott, I ruled against your client, why didn't you sign the order, Howard Scott stated, "you were going to check with the Florida Bar to see if this was a conflict of Interest, he said but I ruled against your client.
I will check with the Bar Counsel, I tried to speak and he stated, I already ruled. If Judge Norman Gerstein has to check with the Florida Bar, to see if Zamora who was representing my mother and the guardian of my mother at the sametime, then he should get a job at publics because when I told the young lady cashier she stated that is a conflict of interest. Remember, Cheryl Siolverman was representing my mothers guardian Barbra Reiser and Vicki Brail at the same time she was representing our adverse party. Two weeks later Norman Gerstein recuses himself off my case.

Guardians are supposed to be a neutral party, in this case guardians were not neutral because they both used Cheryl Silverman as an attorney as my brother who brought this case into the court, another conflcit, to many conflcits and the same in many of these cases.

Note: Zamora, Reiser, Brail,, Silverman, Mangeiro, Cooper, Vers and may others new about these conflicts and as officers of the court had to come forward with these conflcits and failed to do so, to continue to defraud my mother and myself out of one and a half million dollars.

Judge Arthur Rothenberg, refuses to hear our motions. We file an appeal. However, they file an exparte order and state I am not an interested party, which is illegal but Judge Rothenberg signs anything the guardians put s in front of him. From here on out I stayed out of court because the Judge states I am noit an interested party, howevre the Florida Suprmem Court states different. Like I said these Judge's are corrupt and belong in prison but the state attorneyis protecting them, this is why they continue to rob the elderly and destroy so many lives.

In short, we have a new judge, I will pray she will be strong enough for her to give my mother back to me before they try to kill her. They put my mother on Seroquel used for Schizophrenia and Bipolar disorders, It states on the insert, it shoudl not be used by the elderly and can cause sudden death. My mother does not have Schizophrenia or Bipolar disorder. If they kill my mother I don't know what I will do. These Officers of the Court have destroyed so many lives. The Judges abuse theri power yet, the State Attorney looks the other way. Miami Dade Police Corruption states, " we know their is a problem, but what can we do if the State Attorney refuses to Prosectute this Judge's attorneys and Guardians. The Governor of the State of Florida Charlie Christ, Congressman Lincoln Diaz Balart, Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, Department of Elder Affairs and Kathleen Rundles office know these crimes are taking place and allow the crimes to continue, their is no Justice here in Miami dadae County. If the State Attporney won't prosecute than the Judges have nothing to fear. Our Go=vernor, Our attorney General knows these crimes are taking place against these vulnerable elderly people and they look the other way, so what do we do? Please write the Governor of the State of Florida, write Kathleen Rundkle and your State Senators and tell them we want the Judge's Attorneys and Guardians put in Jail , the guardianship business closed down permanentlyand the crimes against the elderly stopped. We want our elderly people to live their life in peace without the threat of Predators like these Predators you have read in my story, Thank You for Reading

There are many cases here in Miami, where good caring daughter and sons are being denied to care for their mother until the Judges, Attorneys and Guardians steal all their money, then they give back the mother, who traumatized and abused, all for the love of MONEY.