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The very people that are supposed to protect the Elderly are the very people that are robbing them, destroying there lives and in numerous cases, killing these elderly people, for the "Love Of Money."

My name is Dr. Robert Sarhan, this is a true story about Elderly Abuse and Exploitation of my mother, Yvonne Sarhan. The perpetrators of this heinous crime, the Miami-Dade County Probate Court Judge's, Attorney's and Guardian's. What I am about to say is not only about my case, but is almost identical to every case plagueing this country today, the only differences are, the names of the victims and perpetrators, have been changed.

How Could this Happen in America?

In most families one of the children is usually an under achiever or is unsuccessful and has low self esteem, such as my brother, Tony Sarhan. He was stealling from my father for many years, we owned a gas station here in Miami, Florida, where my brother worked for my father. My father died in a car accident on December 3, 1995, my brother moved in with my mother to save money on an apartment, since he was divorced and living alone. The neighbors and employees at our gas station called me and complained about my brothers behavior, spending my mother's money, never home, the house falling in a state of disrepair and more. I went to my mother's home and I asked my mother, what is going on here, she told me that my brother was taking all her money, I want you to stop him, come here and live with me. I said o.k..

I moved in, told my brother to leave, and asked I asked my mother, where is all your money, she said he took a lot, the rest is in annuities. My mother put her house in my name to protect and ensure she would live their for the rest of her life. However, soon you will see, how my promises to my mother would be broken and how our legal system is not a sytem at all. Many people may not believe what I am about to say, only the people that have been in guardianship cases in this country will believe, however, this is the truth, so help me GOD.

On January 8, 2003, my mother did a quit claim deed her home to me, to protect it and after she is gone I were to do as I please, since my mother was very dissappointed in her son Tony and did not trust him. I was living with my mother and she was all smiles, I am an excellent cook and I make a lot of jokes and my mom laughs at all of them. My mother has a great personality and never says a bad thing to anyone, she is a very good person that does not deserve what these Predators that Prey on the Elderly have done to her.

In June of 2003 my brother filed for my mother to have a guardian, immediately, my brothers attorney Cheryl Silverman froze my mother's assets and soon our horror story Begins. My brother stated, "if I am not going to be in charge of the money, no one will." Barbra Reiser was appointed as an Emergency Temporary Guardian (ETG) and Enrique Zamora was ordered to be my mother's court appointed attorney. I was told by the Guardian, Barbra Reiser that I had to have an attorney to be my mother's guardian, so I hired an attorney named, Harvey Rogers. Soon you will see, that was all a formailty, because I was never going to be my mother's guardian, because Barbra Reiser, Enrique Zamora, Cheryl Silverman and all others wanted my mother's money; and they would do anything illegal and unethical to get that money, and they have, and now they are stealing the home, that I was supposed to protect, I am sorry mom.

I will stop here and tell you what we found out, while this case was in the second year of litigation. Meritza Torrent, Michael Tristani, and myself all victims of Guardianship Fraud went down to the Miami-Dade County Courthouse, Probate Division records department and pulled 13 records that Barbra Reiser (ETG) was involved in. This is what we found:

1. Enrique Zamora was not on the Probate Wheel in violation of Rule 99-12. Which means Judge Bruce Levy violated this Rule 99-12 to bring Enrique Zamora into the case to ensure my mother, Yvonne Sarhan, did not have legal representation, so they could ensure my mother would be ruled incompetent, even though she was very competent as you will soon see.

2. Enrique Zamora was representing my mother, Yvonne Sarhan and at the same time, Enrique Zamora was representing Barbra Reiser (ETG) in another case, the case of Laurie Savage. So Enrique Zamora was representing my mother, Yvonne Sarhan at the same time he was representing, Barbra Reiser, an adverse party of my mother, since my mother wanted me, her son Dr. Robert Sarhan, as her Guardian, if she was ordered to have a guardian.

3. Enrique Zamora denied representing my mother Yvonne Sarhan and Barbra Reiser at the same time. Enrique Zamora lied , we had certified copies from the Court proving he was representing Barbra Reiser at the same time he was representing my mother.

4. Enrique Zamora would not write one motion in support of my mother's wishes, he sat there in the courtroom and watch my mother being attacked and ruled incompetent, when she was fully competent, and he knew this, soon you will see how the Florida bar would protect Zamora.

5. Cheryl Silverman, my brother's attorney, who is an adverse party, because my mother wanted these people out of her life, including my brother; was also representing Barbra Reiser at the same time she was representing my brother in the Estella Torrent Case.

6. Therefore Cheryl Silverman was representing Tony Sarhan and Barbra Reiser the Emergency Temporary Guardian at the same time, when the Emergency Temporary Guardian was supposed to be a neutral party, can you believe this, no, there is more.

7. Vicki Brail the permanent Guardian of my mother, was given the guardianship on December 2, 2003. Cheryl Silverman was also representing Vicki Brail in other on going cases.

8. Barbra Reiser uses Enrique Zamora as a personal reference on her application for guardianship of my mother. Vicki Brail uses Enrique Zamora and Cheryl Silverman as personal reference on her application for guardianship of my mother.

9. All this was a secret and once I found out about all this Collusion and Conspiracy to defraud the elderly, I thought I should win and get my mother out of this nightmare, but you will soon see how corrupt the legal system is and how the Florida Bar protects these Predators.

10. Remember, no one ever came forward and told us about these conflicts, we found out by doing research. Although, I was not supposed find out this information, the Judge's sweep it under the table, and soon you will see how they cover for each other and we fight for my mother's freedom, because kidnapping and Elderly Abuse and Exploitation is a crime and I want my mother back.

We jumped ahead and told you what we found but there is more, so let me take you back to June of 2003.


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