Thursday, December 11, 2008

Zamora, Hillman & Veres, Attorneys at Law

Zamora, Hillman & Veres, Attorneys at Law are Unethical Attorney's Beware

Enrique Zamora was representing my mother, Yvonne Sarhan and at the sametime was representing his client Barbra Reiser, yes, a conflict of Interest. Enrique Zamora denied representing my mother and the guardian of my mother at the same time committing Fraud on the Court. Enrique Zamora help destroy my mother's life and my life as well. You see my mother Yvonne Sarhan was forced into a guardianship case, ruled incapacitated, and now the guardians,, Barbra Reiser, Vicki Brail and Attorney's Cheryl Silverman, Bonnie Cooper, Enrique Zamora, Charle Veres are stealing all her money and now her home. It is simple, the courtroom is nothing less than a mockery, the Judge's here in the Probate Court here in Miami Florida work along with the guardian's and attorney's to assist in the theft. Where in this country could an attorney represent a Plantiff and a Defendant at the same time, they can't. The same for Zamora could not legally represent my mother because he was already representing Barbra Reiser, hi client. Charles Veres was also representing my mother and throughout the whole year, Enrique Zamora and Charles Veres would not write one legal brief to protect my mother's Civil Rights. Cheryl Silverman was representing my brother who is an adverse party (meaning my mother did not want him to care for her she wanted me) and at the same time was representing Barbra Reiser. So how could this happen in a court of law, the Judge's are involved their is no other answer. Chief Judge Joseph Farina knows this happening, I talked to him and he says, I cannot help you, I am just an administrator. We went to Congressman Mario Diaz Balart he said, I am not a plumber, "I cannot come over and fix your plumbing". Yet when I talked with Lincoln Diaz Balart, he knew exaqctly what was going on in my mother's case and stated, " they rule the eldelry incapacitated, steal all their money, their homes and dump them in nursing homes to die. So if you want to hire Enrique Zamora or Charles Veres, Cheryl Silverman, Bonnie Cooper, Beware they lie in court and they will try to steal every dime you have...

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