Thursday, May 15, 2008

Citizens' Forum On Judicial Accountability

Some of the world's most prominent government whistleblowers and human rights activists will gather during the week of May 11-18, 2008 in Washington, D. C. to lobby Congress and alert the public to the need to support whistleblower protection. Part of this momentous occasion will be a historical, Citizens' Forum On Judicial Accountability.

The one (1) day event will entail an academic debate on the proper scope of judicial accountability for U. S. state and federal judges; testimony from a pre-selected panel of American citizens, apparently deprived of a fair and impartial forum for addressing their judicial misconduct allegations and/or impacted by a corresponding chilling effect ( learn more ); and the viewing of a videographed call for congressional investigation of plights facing judicial whistleblowers in America by former constitutional law professor and renowned civil rights activist, attorney Thomas N. Todd. All panelists will be guests at a mid-day luncheon.

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