Thursday, December 18, 2008

At What Age Should The Judge Take Away Your Civil Rights 70,75,80

At what age shall I take your Civil Rights away? 70, 75, How about 80?

If it were up to the Judge's, Attorney's and Guardian's here in Miami Dade County, Florida they will strip you of all of your Civil Rights and put you in a Plenary Guardianship immediately, so they can fill their pockets with your money.

Ladies and Gentleman, I spend my time trying to inform you of the crimes that are taking place against the elderly here in Miami Dade County and South Florida. I am providing you with information, so you do not become a victim of Elderly Abuse and Exploitation. The Predators that prey on the elderly are your Probate Judge's, they are the ones that will violate your Constitutional Rights of Due Process and force you into a guardianship against your will. It will happen so fast, that you will not have the proper time to react. Before you know it, you will be able to look back and see that not only was the Judge making fraudulent decisions to ensure the professional guardian gets the case, instead of a family member, but you will be rest assured that your Constitutional Rights will be violated and you must act with days, even before you go to court. For example those three people that go to your house to see whether your are competent or capacitated, you will be ruled incapacitated, everyone is, especially those with money. How can you prevent this, don't open the door. Talk to your personal doctor, have people in the room with you at all times if they do get into your home. Don't ever let them do this without you having your own tape recorder. Have your own doctors not only write a letter that you are competent but he must also come to court. Whe you go into the court, take your own attorney that you know well, if you do not know of an attorney then don't hire one, most of these attorney's are dirty and have been corrupted, so your own attorney will sell you out. Even if you have to get an attorney from out of State get, this will be your most important step, when you hire an attorney. (most attorney's here in Miami will sell you out).

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