Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Dear Readers and Elder Abuse Advocates,

     After a 7 year battle the Guardian Vicki Brail murdered my mother with the mediccation called Seroquel. She paid  Dr. Steven Leslie Kaplan, a psychiatrist here in Miami to put her on Seroquel to end her life. However, before ending her life the Judge, Guardian and Attorneys have robbed our estate and stole well over a million dollars. After repeated attempts and 7 years of traveling the country trying get government help to stop her murder, I could not save her. After meeting with the Miami Dade County Police, the FBI, Charlie Christ in November of 2008, meeting with Congressman Mario Diaz Balart, Lincoln Diaz Balart, and meeting with many other government officials who would do nothing, my mother died in her own home due to sudden cardiac death caused by Seroquel, an antipsychotic medication she should of never been on but was forced to take 400mg per day, according to Dr Steven Leslie Kaplan, he was treating her for insomnia. I want to tell you about the CIA showing up at my home and the struggle to save my mother's life, when I knew this was going to happen after they stole the bulk of our estate. I guess I was so excited that President Obama got elected, I thought CHANGE was going to free my mother from this overwhelming corruption in our Probate Courts. I want you to know that I will not stop my crusade to stop elderly abuse and exploitation, I will not stop until these criminals are in prison and the family's get complete restitution, not only for the money they stole, but for robbing our parents of their lives and robbing the family's of their lives as well.

For 7 years of my life, I fought for the freedom of my mother Yvonne Sarhan, a 72 year old woman who was fully competent, ruled incapacitated by a dirty Judge named Bruce Levy. Even though we had two medical reports that showed she was fully competent, Judge Bruce Levy Stated, "She is not Competent until I say she is Competent, Denied." From that time forward, I knew something was very wrong and the corruption was not only at the Guardian and Attorney level, but I now knew that the Probate Judge's were involved in this Conspiracy to Extort Billions of dollars from the elderly people here in South Florida and around this country. However, I cannot only put blame on these criminals but my brother played a major role in putting my mother in this position. My brother Tony has always been a theif and stole from my father's gas station, but when my father died and the gas station was turned over to him by his manipulation of lawyer William Harris, he then started to steal from my mother. Even after I spoke with William Harris about the 100,000 dollars my brother stole from my mother he did nothing. Then after 300,000 dollars, I moved in with my mother after her request and left my home. Her exact words were, Robbie your brother is stealing all my money, please come and live with me take care of me and our home, which I did. Soon I found myself stuck in a guardianship case that was one of the most corrupt guardianship cases in this country where attorney Enrique Zamora was representing my mother and the guardian of my mother at the same time. This was the lady we were fighting in court, an adverse party and Enrique Zamora was representing her in other cases at the same time representing my mother. Yes, a conflict of interest and a violation of due process. Enrique Zamora denied representing my mother and the guardian Barbra Reiser at the same time, but we had certified documents to prove he was lying, yet Judge Norman Gerstein said, "Well Dr. sarhan, I will have to check with the Florida Bar to see if this is a conflic of interest or not" he then recuses himself and does not rule. Judge Bruce Levy recused himself as well.

More to come soon Robert Sarhan, MD  305-338-6160


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