Wednesday, September 23, 2009

President Obama, Please Help Us Stop Elderly Abuse and Exploitation by Our Judge's, Attorney's and Guardian"s

For mothers who experience isolation, mental abuse and liquidation of assets, by children who are Power of Attorney.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

365 Days of Isolation - One Year Anniversary of Mother's Isolation
Today, September 20, 2009, is the one year anniversary of the commencement of mother's isolation and control by her POA and other siblings.Yes, that is right, it has been 365 days since my mother has been isolated.We've had to file court papers to put a stop to this abuse.No family nor person should have to endure what some of my siblings have gone through.There is such control and isolation including monitoring of who my mother sees and talks to it is unbelievable. State agencies have not intervened. They do not want to get involved with the politics of such an issue by some who have political connections.The sad part is mother is being told what to say and do. She even has que cards of what to say by certain siblings.Mother's children can not see or talk to her, yet girlfriends and nephews and parents of in-laws can.We can only assume it is FINANCE ABUSE. Evidence has come forth and MORE TO COME, noting substantial withdraw of financial accounts (even before they have matured).In the mean time, MOTHER is still being isolated. NOW 365 days!We love our mother and FOR the LOVE of MOTHER we are fighting for her every day!We love you mom!!!
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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Day 349 of Mother's Isolation
It is now day 349 of Mother's isolation from her closest and dearest children. Mother has been isolated, coerced by siblings, coached and guarded 24/7.Liquidation of Mother's finances has occurred too. Yet, NOTHING has been done by the state. NOTHING. Our system of government has seriously broken down to even include the most vulnerable -- an elderly woman with dementia.Again, day 349 of mother being isolated and abused from her closest and dearest children.
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Saturday, August 29, 2009

344 days of isolation and mental abuse of MOTHER
I am starting this blog today to see how many other families are witnessing and suffering from siblings as Power of Attorney (POA) and others, from isolating their mother from their closest and favorite siblings.So far for our family it has been 344 days, 11months & 10 days, 29,721,600 second, 495,360 minutes, 8256 hours or 49 weeks (rounded down) since mother got ill and when the POA and siblings started isolating mother from 7 of mother's children.FOR the LOVE of MOTHER we are working hard to defeat the system of government that does little to intervene and protect an elderly woman even after countless complaints have been filed by family members.We are praying daily for someone to help us see our mother. Siblings have been kicked out, been prevented from seeing mother, phone calls going unanswered while being monitored by other siblings (isolating mother from us) and so on.I seek others who have had NO or LITTLE help from state agencies. We have had very little help at all and our case has been closed noting "confidential."FOR THE LOVE OF MOTHER (we pray for help)!
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344 days of isolation and mental abuse of MOTHER

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