Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Become A Guardian Earn Up to $400 per Hour

Become a Guardian, Earn Big Bucks !

Registration for the training is $15. Anyone becoming a guardian or a conservator must take the class within 90 days of their court date, said Mary Ann Holland, the extension educator at the University of Nebraska Lincoln Extension. The training session educates people on the duties and responsibilities of being a guardian."Guardianship may be needed when an adult is no longer able to manage his or her affairs or becomes incapacitated due to an illness or injury," Holland said. "This may be a temporary appointment, or a guardian may be appointed to make decisions for only certain areas in the ward's life.

"There may be more than one guardian appointed, say one that makes decisions about the Ward's physical needs and a second guardian that has jurisdiction over only the financial area." Guardianship should only be used when necessary because guardians have a lot of legal power, according to the Guardianship Development Team.

Those considering guardianship of another should look at other options before deciding.

Sometimes, adult children may take guardianship of their elderly parents for protection."In some cases, adult children detect that an aging parent is being victimized by someone, or has become the target of a fraud or identity theft," Holland said. "The adult child seeks guardianship to protect their parent's assets." Registrations can be made by calling 267-2205. Deadline is April 4.


The beauty of being a guardian is there is no limit to the number of elderly people you can bill for guardianship duties, guardians have been known to make over $100,000 per client and payment is just about guaranteed by the court.

Another beautiful things about becoming a guardian is the old people are too sick and frail to complaint and even if they did , they have no one to complaint to! It's a recession proof business. Set Your own rates, the sky is the limit , your only limit is your own ability to contrive and connive.

Anyone who is elder and whose abilities are declining are good candidates to a forced guardianship, if they have no family or if they have discord withing the family your chances of success in this business greatly improve.

It is advantageous to have several lookouts for elders with money, Social workers who work hospitals can usually give you a good heads up on which elders are susceptible to this procedure and the best part it is that it's all 100% Legal !

As millions of baby boomers age the demand for Guardians is about to explode, Do not be left out of fantastic opportunity to make millions within a very short period time, buy real estate cheap! Jewelry, Bank Accounts, it's all there for the asking.

Do not let naive family members stand between money that could be yours . Become a guardian Now!

Ps. You might have to spread the wealth around, be prepared to give a 10% gratuity to keep the wheels greased.

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